Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Gay Prey

An all-homosexual high school is being opened up this fall in Manhattan.
Predictably radio tyrant Sean Hannity doesn't like the idea.
He bitched about said school being a homosexual recruitment center and the like...
Then some country-western bimbo with happy memories of touring with Charlie Daniels and the Volksturm good ole' boys came on and the thread was lost.
Now before any of you out there get the idea that I actually listen to Sean Hannity
lemme make it perfectly clear I brushed past this screed quite by accident yesterday.
I was looking for a parking space in Cambridge and you all know what a tedious venture that can be.
But it got me thinking though.
If the supply of homosexuals drops in our public high schools due to the hypothetical proliferation of all-gay high schools, then the bullying skills of our nation's youth will atrophy.
If our bullying skills fade, then where will the next generation of rightical chic radio talk show tyrants come from?
The demographic threat to the hegemony of the GOP could not be clearer.
Screechy little shitbricks like Sean get their start marking out some weaker less aggressive boy in the freshman class and mercilessly taunting and beating him into submission thus demonstrating his prowess and masculinity.
Without homos to beat down and torture, how are the nation's future opinion-makers ever gonna make their bones?
Class act sociopaths like Jerry Falwell and Pat Buchanan both got their starts stealing other kids lunchmoney and jacking up faggots after school.
This is a serious setback to the recruitment process of the GOP-without easy prey, conservatism may disappear within a generation!
Bullying is a huge part of the modern GOP's will to power-just look at our situation in Iraq if you don't believe me.
When an alleged liberal like Tom Friedman can publicly back the notion of "hitting back at anyone-anyone at all" as a post 9-11 policy, then you can see the efficacy of this type of brutality.
Just remember Humble John's dictum; homsexuality whether it be civil unions or gay high schools WILL be the GOP's wedge issue of choice in 2004...fagbashing will be very fascionable come this time next summer.

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