Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Thought for the day...
IF Enron robbed California of billions by overcharging on energy and skimping on delivery...
And IF Enron Chairman Ken Lay then gave huge donations to Tom Delay's campaign PAC and other republican causes....
THEN Shouldn't Grey Davis be suing Tom Delay and the American Enterprise Institute to recover stolen monies and property??
Gujillions of those stolen dollars ended up in the pockets of vote hungry GOP-ers...I say California is well within it's rights to start aggressively invoicing these jack-offs.
That isn't fair they's un-American and a blow to the free market??
Well well well...whatever happened to "victim's rights"?
California was victimized, so California ought to get compensation...Enron commited a crime of economic violence just the way a mugger in Central Park does.
Think about that the next time some hammerhead reels to his feet on CSPAN to bray long and loud about punishing violent crime....the real muggers get away scot free in Dick Cheney's America.

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