Thursday, August 18, 2005

It is always slightly disturbing

When Joanie Vennochi seemingly starts cribbing columns from the Chimes at Midnight. Today for example she swings into a spirited denunciation of our current string of inept dilletantish part time governors, including of course, Mitt Romney.
However, this is Joanie we are talking about, her current diatribe also contains this odd little howler:
Romney ran for governor under false pretenses, as a social moderate who would use his business savvy as a check against the Democrats who control the state Legislature
Joanie is leaving a crucial point out here, Romney ran as a REPUBLICAN social moderate, which is defined as an empty series of election year pundit pleasing gestures and little else. The implication here is obvious, if Charlie Baker or even Kerry Healey can get the wrist action down pat, Vennochi and her ilk will be marking out hard for them come October 2006.
Again, for seemingly the hundredth time, Willard's patent phoniness was hanging out for all to see long before election day 2002. Sadly, the local punditariat simply refused to accept Romney as anything else but a Man on Horseback sent by Divine Providence to save us all from the legislature.
And in due course, they will be building up some other hopeless hack as the same savior...anything rather than see an simple democrat elected.


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