Thursday, August 04, 2005

Advice for democrats...

this goes for newbies like Deval Patrick up to comfortable apex predators like Senator Kennedy.
DON'T listen to Joan Vennochi.
Yup you guessed it, the dog days of summer have once again yielded up Joanie's annual "the democrats are all LOSERS" column.
During campaign '04 Vennochi must've run that sumbitch every two weeks....a predictable as an unloved season.
How many times did she demand that John Kerry humbly apologise for whatever it was that irked her and the Fox News Channel?
Four or five times prior to the nomination as I recall.
Well..this'll get me into trouble no doubt but it needs to be said: "Joan Vennochi is a spiteful no-talent bitch".
She really is, when the democrats attack she screams we are playing too rough, when we back off Vennochi howls like a stuck pig that we are all sissies and cowards.
She was all right back in the nineties when politics was all about blow jobs, policy incrementalism and petty chiseling but in todays world of PATRIOT Acts and Terrorism she is utterly at sea.
It comes from having a lot of cranky dislikes but no real ideology. She has been writing for the Globe for years and years and I still can't figure out what she believes in other than the imminent demise of the two party system.
Is she for anything other than shitting on John Kerry like a sort of porch hag Howie Carr?
Hell, all Joanie really knows is attacking democrats and liberals is easy money...she may not be an avowed GOPer a'la Laura "Hollow Leg" Ingraham but her instincts beautifully parallel the current shrill conservative zeitgeist.
I say the Globe should get rid of her and Lehigh,they have both tarried too long for the good they have done and in the bowels of Jesus Christ they must go!
God will decide the issue between them and us.

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