Sunday, August 23, 2009


Both Joanie Vennochi AND Jeff Jacoby can be found united in their disdain for a particular idea, then you know it to be a notion with some common sensical qualities.
Here I speak of Edward Maximus' wistful request that to fill his seat with an interim US Senator until one could be elected by the citizens, this is presumably to ensure the democrats keep their majority thru the upcoming healthcare reform debate.
So far as I can see neither the legislature nor the Governor seemed disposed to revive the current law...But shrill and opportunistic to the last it hasn't prevented two of the Sunday Globe's finest to bray for Senator Kennedy's resignation.
Well, all I can say is, Senator Kennedy isn't Sarah Palin or Bill Weld, however if the Great and General Court won't act on his recommendation so be it, our Senior Senator has been dealt tougher hands in his life.
Jacoby's demand for Kennedy's resignation is understandable, he wants that seat for one of his own, it is the tantrum logic of the campus conservative bundist, but at least it comes from some belief system. however baroque and arcane and discredited.
Joanie on the other hand is the same old sourpuss she has always been, she depends on liberal democrats to safeguard the Bill of Rights and her own personal right to choose but she'll be damned if she will ever let an iota of gratitude issue from her key board. She doesn't have beliefs, she has resentments.

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