Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ideological quicksand

the philosophical dry-rot of movement conservatism extends even down as far as Jeff Jacoby's level. Yes indeed the Sunday Globe's own laughing young senescence goes staggering out into deep mire trying to prove that John Fitzgerald Kennedy was really a wingnut with welcome bona fides for any Kampus Konservative bundist.
This is to say the least a bizarre argument to make when the loam on Edward Moore Kennedy's grave is barely a day old....Jeff's downfall is his tendency to hide in passive aggression, he thinks he is being subtle and artful, in reality it's plain cowardice.
Truly the Jeff Jacoby's of 19663 screamed with simian rage when JFK proposed a test ban treaty with the USSR a measure of obvious benefit to both nations.
The Jeff Jacoby's of 1962 brayed long and loud about state's rights when the President Kennedy as compelled to send twenty four US Marshals to Ole Miss to get James Meredith (an African American) registered for classes.
The Jeff Jacoby's of 1961 sneered at the Peace Corps and Alliance for Progress.
And in 1960 they didn't have problem one with double dealers like the Reverend Billy Graham who couldn't be bothered signing a simple plea for tolerance of Kennedy's Catholic faith and instead made himself useful at Richard Nixon's rallies.
In 1960, JFK was having his own problems getting the opposition to accept his right to exist, but of course Jeff forgets all that...doesn't he?

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