Monday, August 17, 2009

In case you were wondering....

per Mike Barnicle (the Ambassador from Caucasiastan) on the Imus show today, the "Gates Affair" over in Cambridge "Is as much about class as it is about race".
Which is akin to saying that the weather outside is as much about the humidity as it is the heat.
Oh don't worry, Mike hasn't gone neutral on us, he snarked gamely about Dr. Gates' PBS bona fides and yet said nothing about Sgt. Crowley's particular class signifiers. Barnicle is after all a local color type columnist which means he is a cop-worshipper of a mindlessly reliable type.
HE also observed that 25% of those in the room at those congressional healthcare forums were crazed wingnuts the rest were "scared of losing what they have".
Fair enough, but what has Mike done to allay those fears or at least put the facts down on the table?
Nothing to be sure...Much as he may decry fear mongering it is the innate emotionalism of his audience that keeps this weepy old fraud in the business.

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