Friday, August 28, 2009

Wasn't gonna do any special e-lection

polly-tix til after Edward Maxiumus' funeral rites, but this item had me guffawing loudly in the Alewife T-Station parking garage this morning.
Scary Kerry Healey wants to run for the US Senate?
Oh ghod!
I guess her husband has unfrozen her allowance so she is free to seek new humiliations at the ballot box. Her Orange-shirt squadristi must be tanned rested and ready as well.
Honestly, Scary Kerry Healey is a sidekick, a Robin, A Doctor Watson, A Lady Blackhawk even...if she is looking at a senate race then you can rest assured that Mitt Romney is giving the contest a pass. Given all the rotten things that the Former Viceroy said about Massachusetts in 2008, it seems only fair.
If was the state GOP, I'd flee the notion of her candidacy, Scary Kerry is a hex a hoodoo a star of ill-fortune, I mean forget about her husband's money..It did her no good in 2006 and it will do her no good in 2009 either. You have to go a long way in state politics to find a politician more bereft of ideas than Former Lt. Governor Kerry Healey.

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