Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is the Insanity Summer

From wet and cold to hot and humid and thru out the American Right has gone from discontent to disassociation in extremis.
Consider the evidence:

Armed men prowling the President's public appearances, when has this happened in the past hundred and fifty years save when the Rough Riders sought to hook up with their President Teddy Roosevelt when he toured the west?
"Birthers" insisting that Barack Obama isn't a native born citizen and thus seek to invalidate the 2008 election.
"Deathers" who claim that the healthcare bill under consideration would legalize aggressive euthanasia of the elderly or "unfit" infants or little baby puppies or some damn thing.
Congressional health care forums crammed with retirees who are soused to the gills with social security checks and medicare screaming about "big gummint" and "socialized medicine".
Oh and the sad sick spectacle of Barney Frank being scolded to his face for supporting this "Nazi Policy".

One thing unites all this, a deficit of ideas in the current debate, so when the right runs out of creative thoughts, it is Katey Bar the Door they start screaming and inviting the paranoid delusions.
Two years ago, the Praetorian Class bestrode this republic like a colossus, sodden with power, drunk on victory they openly proclaimed their intention to establish a one-party state in the USA.
Now look at them, beaten and humiliated their every cherished notion mocked and despised...But they still cling to that one party state bullshit don't they?
How else to account for this Insanity Summer of ours?

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