Monday, August 31, 2009

And on the Third Day...Politics Sets In...

The Boston Herald is hyping a senatorial candidacy for Edward Maxiumus' second widow Victoria Reggie, however the Globe is talking up the alleged ambitions of former US Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III.
So it would seem the family has resoved to find themselves a candidate...and on that much may turn in the days to come.
Meanwhile despite a sure gig in the House of Representatives Ed Markey is talking more and more like a candidate. On paper Ed is formidable with a hand in all sorts of legislation from energy and transport to military policy and health care. And besides that he has been whispering the words "Ed Markey, United States Senator" to himself since the seventh grade.
Like I said, on paper, he is great, but paper isn't always the best substance out of which to forge a US Senator, there is a fidgety-ness to Ed, sometimes his sense of audience fails him and his wit will never rise to the level of Edward M. Kennedy that is for sure.
Nonetheless, he has many many friends and lots of money to spend in an off year election wherein he risks nothing to make the race.
Martha Coakley is making noises but that is to be expected the Hillary-istas in the Bay State are looking for a big score to avenge their loss in Denver last year and Martha would seem to be the their best bet to grab off a seat in the US Senate.
There are many many Spartan camped by the sides of Spy Pond in Menotomy who would dearly love to take to the field under her banner.
Mike Capuano and Steve Lynch are both supposedly interested, dunno much about Lynch but by rep, Capuano is a good man with his heart nailed to the right place. Some of these congressmen we've got have to be looking at this from the prospective of redistricting in 2010 when the Commonwealth will loose a US House seat, best to make the jump now to the US Senate before you done out of your job, or so some might think.

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