Sunday, November 29, 2009

Alan Khazei?

Got the Boston Globe's endorsement in next month's senatorial primary???

Well that one came as a shock lemme tellya.
Truly Alan's years of cajoling various powerful entities into giving him money for charitable purposes must make him the best interviewee in the world.
Either that or his campaign manager offered the Globe's editorial board free hookers or something.
Still the core thesis of the above endorsement holds true, Teddy Kennedy's particular leadership skills are not gonna be successfully grafted onto his successor whomever that might be. They were very much " of their time" so to speak.
So yeah, a new vision and new set of skills will have to be cultivated, that much I get.
But Khazei?
I grant you the man is idealistic (if not a trifle shrill), but he has yet to distinguish himself in this campaign as a Barack Obama style visionary. Moreover these are deep waters in which Alan swims, the nature of political longevity in the Commonwealth is such that some real long shots are routinely injected into very high level campaigns.
I am the only person out there who thinks Alan would make an interesting dark horse candidate for the US House?
But the Senate?
As I said deep waters, we live in an era of instant candidacies and easy fundraising on line, but that doesn't confer reliability, legitimacy and gravitas on a candidate.
Frankly the blunt reality of this special election is, we are electing someone who is gonna become John Kerry's apprentice in the US Senate everyone's passion, experience and vision will have to adapt to that eventuality methinks.
That being the case, I just don't see how Khazei adapts and prospers.
But I could be wrong.

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