Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last week the rumor was...

That former CNN pundit-xenophobe Lou Dobbs wanted to run for the US Senate in New Jersey. This week the rumor is that Dobbs wants to cut to the chase and run for President in 2012.
This particular paragraph is an outright scream:
Dobbs, a controversial and outspoken critic of the nation’s immigration policy, said he is reaching out to Latino groups in attempt to bridge differences and identify public policy solutions.
This is akin to the cat "reaching out" to the mice or perhaps Nelson Muntz initiating "innovative nerd-bully dialogue."
I dunno, it seems to Humble Elias that in the end Dobbs will be as serious a presidential candidate as was Pat Buchanan, ergo someone more interested in getting his name in the papers and gathering material for a book.
I might be wrong but none of these A-list celebrity journalists seem really hungry for power, fame and money yes, but power is boring, a nice book tour with plenty of stops on the TV talk shows seems much more fun to them.

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