Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pursuant to Tuesday's Mayoral contest in Boston...

I'm predicting Menino 55%, Flaherty 45%.
If it rains and the Mayor's celebrated machine is on their game then the spread wil be much wider.
Ideologically not much separates either man, the argument is over managerial ability, temperament and unresolved problems impacting the city.
There, in almost every category save temperament, Menino holds the advantage, but I will say this for Flaherty like Adlai Stevenson he has run an honest and honorable campaign, he has not demeaned himself nor disgusted the city grasping for power, the man is but in his forties and may run well in other races down the line.
The same can be said for Sam Yoon, both he and Flaherty are men of the future whose times haven't caught up with them...Yet.
Meanwhile assuming victory Tuesday night, one has to wonder what role Mayor Menino's machine will play in next year's gubernatorial contest? Menino famously feuded with Scot Harshbarger in 1998 and helped deliver the corner office to Penniless Paul Cellucci, will he play the same role for the democrats in 2010?

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