Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strange as it may seem...

Joanie Vennochi actually thinks there is a condition of moral equivalence between Sarah Palin and Secretary of State Hilary R. Clinton.
To quote the old misanthrope, "what rubbish!"
Sarah Palin is a liar and an oafish demagogue, Hilary Clinton is lied about and the favorite topic of demagogues, especially the radio talk show variety, there would seem to be a bi-ig difference there.
Sarah Palin quit on being Governor of Alaska to cash in on conservative echo chamber circuit...Hilary Clinton left the US Senate to shape US Foreign Policy at the topmost level.
The list goes on, but it is akin to crushing a gnat with a jackhammer.
Well what of it?
Neither politician will ever be fairly assessed until we get past the syllabus of victimization so prevalent among today's punditariat.
Of course you could wait til the blue skies overhead crumbled before Joanie Vennochi ever gave up the casual victim-speak snarkage.

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