Monday, November 23, 2009


nine hundred billion USD has been spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. This weekend the US Senate started debated extensive health care reform in the US that would theoretically extend medical coverage to all Americans.
The cost over ten years of said senate healthcare reform package, roughly eight hundred billion dollars.
And predictablythe same voices that squealed "AYE" for every penny sent off to the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan are now howling that the health care reform package under debate is a "budget buster".
Someone shoulda thought of that before voting in favor of bringing the receieved wisdom of the August American Enterprise Institute to the Sh'ia and the Sunni tribesmen of Baghdad.
Still, the antis scream on about that money being necessary t'was for National Security, they bleat.
Well so is affordable health care who the hell wants to be the best defended man in a long line leading into the Emergency Room anyway?

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