Friday, November 27, 2009

Maybe I am all stupid like...

but could someone out there, who is "in position" so to speak, please ask Steve Pagliuca just how many jobs he generated here in Massachusetts as a managing partner in the Bain Capital Group?
If he wants to talk about his job creation wizardry fine, but I'd like to know just how many paychecks he has rained down on the Commonwealth?
Other than that and his promise to vote for any healthcare bill no matter how wrongminded and harmful seems to be all I know about the guy to date.
Stephen Pagliuca's chief qualification for office: wealth.
Unless someone can tell me otherwise...that is what I'm getting yea so far.
Oh and will someone again "in position" please tell Congressman Capuano to unhunch his shoulders in those commercials of his? He looks like everyone's nightmare High School gym teacher glowering away at you...Mike fuhcrissakes relax willya?

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