Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This mah frenz is whut we call a "flip flop"

as Congressman Capuano essentially backtracks and asserts he too would vote against the health care bill if it contained abortion restrictions.
So essentially, Mike Capuano was for the House Bill before he was against it?
Geez Martha Coakley had but to stand her ground for a twenty four hour news cycle before Mike Capuano caved in? Poor evocation of his "I'm an insider with heart, I get the process in DC" meme. If people don't understand your tactics they will !start to question your ethics...Just sayin'folks.
The other guys are all sayin' "no-no-no" but Mike is saying "no but then maybe yes" in a grudging tone, frankly Humble Elias thinks just maybe the whole damn lot of them feel into the AG's rhetorical trap.
Well, it oughta make any upcoming debates real interesting...Just who do I have to caress to get a ringside seat at one of these brawls anyway?

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