Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ken Chase has too much time on his hands...

He has started something called "Conservative Tours" apparently as a means to shake down frightened wingnuts who'd normally never travel to such socialist hell-holes as Normandy or the Brandenberg Gate.
Chase has even finagled Howie Carr to come along on a trip to "Imperial Rome" where no doubt the famously homophobic Howie got off on tales of the allegedly homosexuality of such emperors as Nero, Galba, and that world conquering flamer, Trajan...Fodder for over ten minutes of sarcasm and locker room bravado on the radio.
I say take Howie to Normandy maybe the fag bashing bastard can figure out which tombstones mark the graves of gay men who died in service to their country so he can pee on them or something.

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