Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well now, that is an in-ter-esting choice as a Lt. Gubernatorial candidate on the Charlie Baker ticket.
I don't know if any of you have heard this before, but State Senator Richard Tisei is gay!
Keep it on the QT willya?
We don't want Willard to find out he might(dare I say it?) Quit The State!
As for the Baker-Tisei ticket it is something of a validation for the sort of safe space that has been created with respect to gays within Massachusetts.
This is a big turn around from the days when Jingle Money Swift and her Lt Gubernatorial candidate Pat Guerriero were run out of politics on grounds of being a woman teamed with a gay man.
Will and Grace indeed.
On the other hand if Richard Tisei was a Republican in South Carolina he'd be locked into a closet somewheres under armed guard, and forget about a seat in the state senate let alone being Lt. Governor.
On that basis alone, I suspect Baker will have some trouble raising out of state money with a ticket that includes someone so anathema to the wowser legionaries out beyond the Berkshires.
Then again, I suspect money won't be Baker's problem in 2010.
The only other notion I have is that a GOP state senator likely would not hazard the loss of his seat, both personally and to the Republican Party unless he felt pretty certain that they were gonna win the corner office next year.
So lets start focusing on disabusing them of that notion shall we?

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