Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A lot of people are working hard behind the scenes

to make Congressman Ed Markey into a torpedo that can sink the "S.S. Scott Brown"....Their chief idea being make sure Ed has a easy uncluttered primary. The same cannot be said of the down ticket effects of a Markey victory in the 2013 special senate election...a seat would open up in Congress and I can easily see twenty or more politicians piling into that once in a lifetime democratic congressional primary. If it happens it'll be the political fight of a lifetime, a battle not for the heart and soul of the Mass Seventh Congressional District, but a ticket to ride in the nation's safest democratic congressional district. Shee-it I can name something like a dozen state reps and senators from around the district that'll be in with both feet withing ten minutes of a Markey victory. HELL I might run! (My price to get out to be named later of of course, hell is is Massachusetts!) I mean IF Markey wins, and I'm thinking that might not be a done deal by any means....but for the moment it is the season of fantasy up and down the congressional district.

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