Thursday, January 24, 2013

You take Secretary of State Clinton's

testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday as a veritable preview of a hypothetical 2016 Presidential campaign. Senators Johnson and Rand (themselves good GOP Presidential Prospects of one type or another) ranted and raved & wallowed in innuendo, and then got flattened by Secretary Clinton. It was like watching Muhammad Ali go to work on a pair of old scarecrows. The political graveyards of this country are rapidly filling up with ambitious know-nothings who think Hilary Clinton is a jobber. I'm liking the notion of "Hilary in 2016" more and more, she is clearly feared and hated by America's enemies abroad and yet still knows how to handle twitchy little freaks like Rand Paul. The question is, "Does she want it?" Well let me ask you all this, what else is she supposed to do with what amounts to a sixty seven percent approval rating as the USA's "Most Admired Woman"?

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