Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If you want a good hearty malicious laugh...

then check out Scot Lehigh's column in today's print edition of the Boston Globe. He has suggestions for Mitt Romney to "stay relevant" in today's GOP, chiefly he wants the Former Governor to start up a big shiny Moderate Republican Think Tank something to galvanize the dust of Leverett A. Saltonstall and reanimate the very Ghost of Lowell Weicker. Scot's trance state of bliss at the mere mention of "moderate republicanism", is an old and mirthful story, but I swear here in this column Lehigh is hitting Mitt Romney up for a job. I mean kinda, it sure reads that way, think tanks go on and on, while newsprint faces naught but the very gotterdammerung...why not make the transition now and be done with it? Scot Lehigh has always wanted to believe in the coming moderate republican eschaton, he could go on believing for as little as 200,000 a year at the notional "George W. Romney Institute for the Future" (or whatever the hell it is...). My only problem with all this mishaugas is an old one, who the hell ever convinced Scot Lehigh that Mitt Romney was a moderate???? Whoever it was, they did a damn good job, not facts nor the blindingly obvious have ever dissuaded the Globe columnist from this touching bit of'fiction. Willard Mitt Romney is out for himself start to finish and he will not erect a vast think tank apparat to his father's glory, especially when it celebrates and attempts to revive a branch of the republican party that rotted and died off twenty years ago. Mitt Romney did not get to the two hundred million dollar mark by writing checks for doomed projects like this one believe me. It is "Brand Romney", first and foremost, not "Brand Moderate Republicanism".... Besides, he'd never stick with it, one angry phone call from Gary Bauer and Mitt would slink off into the night and leave his Staff Director Scot Lehigh holding the bag.

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