Monday, January 07, 2013

Senator Barney Frank?

Could me in, that is if Mike Dukakis is not available. Ahhh but lets face it, making Barney Frank interim US Senator from Massachusetts is just too cool to ever happen for real. Moreover since this is the second iteration of the senate succession law in two years I get the sense that Governor Patrick is very serious about appointing a democrat with a short resume and low profile, someone who would not be tempted to change their minds and start barnstorming the state. Or "Barneystorming" as the case may be. It is interesting however to note that neither the Governor, the Current Junior Senator from Massachusetts or Ex-Congressman Frank have made any endorsements in the upcoming special senate primary election...that murky matrix could we be a factor. So IF the whole thing is still up in the, let me assure the Governor that Humble Elias satisfies all the constitutional requirements to serve as Interim US Senator from Massachusetts....just sayin' thass all.

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