Saturday, January 26, 2013


Ex Senator Scott Brown tweeted some oddments in the proverbial wee small hours of the morning... I mean its a disjointed thread to say the least, I'm gonna suggest that the Ex-Senator put a cork in it and head off to bed or else not share his password with Gail or Ayla or whoever. After all supposedly he may be running for Senator sooner than we think, although The Globe Almighty is tossing around the notion today that Brown will let the special senate race slide in favor a flyer on the Governor's race in 2014. THAT Is a consummation devoutly to be wished! A nice long primary battle with Charlie Baker and then a nice bruising campaign with whoever we'll see how well he holds up under those conditions won't we? Under that scenario the GOP is down to either Bill Weld (the darling of Morrissey Blvd even if he doesn't sound interested at all) or else in the third string, Scary Kerry Healey is allegedly intrigued at the notion of a senate race this year. Healey isn't such a laughable notion at first glance, she is a woman and the glass ceiling has just been sundered well and thoroughly...California has two female US Senators why not Massachusetts? Her main drawback is her now lamentable link to Mitt Romney as his toadying Lt Governor although I'm guessing she still has some junk in the trunk fundraising-wise.

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