Thursday, January 17, 2013

Overheard at a Wake...

A largely retired journalist, someone with many more serious affiliations than poor Humble Elias, and this guy was sighing with pleasure at the thought of Bill Weld running for the Senate this year. I've never understood Bill Weld's enduring appeal to yuppies and baby boomers, but it is standing firm despite his abandonment of both governorship, residency and his very wife. No matter, Bill has to but mention his zeal for low taxes and his Monkish love of the First Amendment and Journalists sober and drunk fall to their knees in sheer worship. I would love to see the Former Governor come in for just half the relentless and adversarial press scrutiny Mike Dukakis got at the end of his administration or just a tenth of what Lt. Governor Tim Murray is getting right now. Well lets face it a lot of this is vaporware, Weld dare not run with Brown in the game...its mostly a nostalgia trip for him and his worshippers.

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