Friday, January 18, 2013

Tim Murray...

per the Worcester Telegram, is not running for Governor next year. So THAT is why Capuano bailed on running for Senate...why buck John Walsh and Ghod Knows Who when you can get in on the ground floor of a free-for-all gubernatorial primary? *** This is not so crazy an idea folks, Capuano started out as the scrupulously honest Mayor of Somerville before he cracked the US Congress... **** I guess this is it for Murray, unless of course, Patrick plans on resigning...but that seems contrary to the Guv's "stick it out" nature...I HOPE. Meanwhile I feel bad for Murray some of his issues were not of his own making, he was an effective advocate for cities and towns and a loyal team player, "He was never a breaker of proverbs and he will give the devil his due". Undoubtedly a lot of people on and off Beacon Hill are looking into the mirror and seeing themselves as the Commonwealth's next Governor...Grossman, Coakley, Bump, Capuano...Lynch and that is just the democrats by ghod.

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