Tuesday, January 08, 2013

If I had to design a democratic candidate for the US Senate

in the upcoming special, I'd want someone with some notable accomplishments outside the political milieu, someone with a strong populist message (and the rhetoric gifts to make their case if possible), someone with some outsider credibility...someone not necesarily associated with the day to day of democratic party politics. The mood of the electorate is populist and largely unfriendly to corporate financial interests, but that doesn't necessary rebound to the credit of the democrats since the electorate is also famously suspicious of successful "statewide democrats" who are perceived as having a sense ot entitlement towards higher office. Beating some twitchy bum the GOP tossed into the AG's race doesn't make you look like a "candidate of destiny" in the eyes of the voters in other words. Thus a straight matchup with Scott Brown under those circumstances, that aforementioned suspicion will trump policy and party registration to Brown's advantage. So my point is to beat Brown message and messager must lock in metaphoric lock step. As to who this notional democrat would be, yer guess is as good as mine.

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