Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ah Ferguson, Aw Hell...

Is it me, or do we somehow en masse auto suggest ourselves as a nation into these violent demeaning racial cul de sacs? Is anyone out there surprised at the outcome, the Grand Jury dropped the Wilson-Brown shooting like a hot potato and then the community erupted, we've seen it a dozen times before same mistakes, same actors, same reactions, same outcome. The sad part is, the resultant violence and looting gives the opinion industry and their constituents the excuse to essentially reduce poor Michael Brown to a nice forgettable footnote whilst everyone else gets on their high horse about pathologies within and without the black community. In these situations, we don't have a debate let alone a dialogue, we have a mumbled monologue by rote. I feel bad for the kid, what he didn't abjectly surrender quickly enough??

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