Thursday, November 20, 2014

More Good News...

The IOC is in town looking into Boston's Very Serious Bid to Host the 2024 Olympics. This is utter madness on a cosmic scale. The city is too small, public transport far too run down and unreliable and the cost utterly prohibitive. Hosting the Olympics though is just the sort of insane vanity project that appeals to egos across the political spectrum. The fact of the matter is, the people who want it NOW, are not the cadres who will be called upon to administer this mishaugas come 2024....this is what made the Big Dig such an expensive,frustrating, heartbreaking spectacle. Does anyone out there really think the State Legislature and the Executive Department will EVER spend the necessary money to upgrade the Red Line to meet the spike in demand congruent with hosting the Olympic Games? To say nothing of Commuter Rail, The Orange Line or any of the rest of it? HELL NO THEY WON'T!! They will just hope and pray to ghod their patchwork fixes will hold up til the tourists leave and THEN the Red Line can implode in peace!! Sick Demented Typical!!!

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