Friday, November 14, 2014


In the past week the President has secured cooperation from the PRC on climate change (thus making the entire GOP caucus in the US Senate look like idiots...which ain't hard admittedly), banged the pots for Net Neutrality and sent the US House and the furtherest reaches of Tawk Radio into screeching shit fits promising an executive order on illegal immigration. I mean, so much for impotence and irrelevance huh? I wish the President well on all these endeavors and any others he cooking up for next week...because taken together this week's initiatives make for a good head start on a 2016 platform, if the democrats are willing to listen that is...(which IS NOT a foregone conclusion believe me). BTW, I wanna congratulate Secretary of State John Kerry for making Boston into an Unlikely Diplomatic Venue...per the Globe he was discussing climate change with a Chinese Diplomat all over town prior to the announcement last week. Nice work Mister Secretary, now if only you'd take the Israeli Foreign Minister to The Hong Kong that would be too precious for words.

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