Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Election Day...

Consider the Lilies, and then get out and vote...remember you are the heir to a tremendous Legacy, be worthy of it. *** BTW....The Globe's endorsement of Baker pretty much validates my much derided notion that Morrissey Blvd has this weird ongoing obsession with breathing life however they must into the cold cold corpse of moderate republicanism. A good chunk of their columnists covered their eyes and closed their eyes and wished away four years pretending that Mitt Romney was a moderate....so projecting fantasies of centrism onto Charlie Baker is no great feat believe me. Personally I think Baker is unsuited for the job given his notorious temper, some of our biggest fiscal challenges are the consequence of decisions he made back when Charlie was Bill Weld's budgetary bootblack...and there is something repulsively intellectually corrupt about his stance on the gas tax...Baker ought to know better and indeed he does and yet he doesn't care. I think Bill Maher (who is a bit of a jerk IMHO) is right about one thing, the two party system is down to the democrats who are a center left coalition at best and the GOP which is gone whoring after extreme conservatism at the expense of any moderating impulse at all. The quicker everyone realizes this, the better we will all be as far as Humble Elias is concerned. So Vote for Coakley, she is honest, modest & willing to work hard we cannot ask for more.

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