Monday, November 24, 2014

Apparently the plan in...

to handle Boston's Bid on the 2024 Olympics thru to actual execution entirely via private donations. This is the plan that was used in Los Angeles circa 1984...and I guess it worked the public coffers weren't raided or anything. Per Saturday's Globe though, SHOULD Boston become a "finalist" in the bidding for said Olympics Some FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS has been set aside to cover lobbying expenses within and without the IOC. FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS! Mother of Ghod....thats chump change to some people out there, but to me, that finances A LOT of scholarships to worthy impoverished kids deserving of a college education, buys a ton of inoculations for poor children and Ghod knows what else. Hell Deval Patrick has to cut three hundred million out of the budget before New Years...I'll bet you he is desperate to find an extra fifty million somewhere. But no...THIS MONEY is going to Hype Boston as a Olympic Host, nothing more. Frankly and Bluntly it's a poor use for such a lavish sum, but this is where our values are today, Hype Prestige and Buzz, you'd think they'd become Our Currency or some damn thing!

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