Sunday, November 23, 2014

James Webb in 2016?

Word comes to us, that Former Virginia Senator, Democrat James Webb is forming a Presidential Exploratory Committee. He has an abundance of advantages...on paper at least, having been Secretary of the Navy, NASA Administrator, US Senator and a decorated veteran of Viet Nam. I'm gonna assume he is gonna run as a centrist, if he runs....Which is fine I guess, not sure how much "Centrists-hedging-our-bets-on-Hilary" money there is out there to be raised but Barack Obama was a long shot once too so yez never knows. No Webb's chief drawback as a candidate is both intangible and sad, to date Two Combat Veterans of Viet Nam have been nominated by both party's neither man (John Kerry & John McCain) was elected. I suspect the electorate thinks valiant service in that war is no great qualification for office and here for once, I try to choose my words carefully. It is a shame and I hope I am wrong about that, is all I can say.

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