Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I don't want much for Christmas...

The prosperity and happiness of my loved ones, world peace and maybe just maybe a Deserving Democrat nominated to succeed Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Mostly cuz I am sick unto death of this meme that the Democrats don't have anyone who can "handle" the DoD thus making the sinecure useful for practicing an entirely unreciprocated form of bipartisanship. I understand the need in wartime to spread out accountability among all the political parties....but then again you never see a Republican President nominating a Democrat to be Secretary of Health and Human Services do you? I mean think about that. Granted FDR started this whole thing back in WW 2 nominated Henry Stinson as Secretary of War and Frank Knox Secretary of the Navy (both registered republicans) but now over seventy years later we have reached a point of diminished rate of return on a very shopworn ploy. Nominate a democrat I say....There are a couple of Senators out there who are about to lose their jobs in January who'd likely leap at the chance, just sayin'.

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