Monday, November 17, 2014

I see in the news that Richard Taylor

(Bill Weld's DOT Secretary) has resigned from Charlie Baker's transition team amidst allegations of evictions, liens on households, unpaid taxes and a host of other embarrassments...and yet this jobber could still pony up a 5k campaign contribution to the Baker-Polito Committee. I think Charlie lost himself a sterling GOP stalwart this time, the very epitome of Republican Rectitude, truly the Grown Ups are In Charge Once Again. But to the root of the matter, we can probably look forward to more of this sort of thing as Baker selects his cabinet and sundry appointees, as a republican he has a very limited bench on which to draw, chiefly hacks and pay-triots from the Welducci Admin and whatever can be scraped up from the bottom of Mitt Romney's stave barrel of sheer talent. Look for it is all I can say...

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