Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I know it's a cataract of liberal cliches, but a lot of times cliches got that way because they are true. So let me first assert, rioting solves nothing, it puts persons on the economic margins out of work, it auto destructs neighborhoods and virtually invites gentrification sans discussion & it transforms a debate on poverty and police tactics into screechfest centered on law & order and or "black urban pathologies". IT ALSO affords wingnuttery an opportunity to opt out of the debate on police tactics and simply screech the praises of law enforcement which thanks to that, is already an institute unable to process the mildest criticism without recourse to paranoia. Is there a reason for protest? Yes. Does it require a new lexicon and even newer tactics? Yes. Is any grievance grounds for looting? No. Is any of this gonna get addressed calmly and fairly? Hell No.

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