Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Little Jobber was found guilty yesterday...

I'm sort of amused to see Newspanic Seven mark out so hard for a verdict that was conceded as a foregone conclusion by the defense at the trial's outset. So now it's game on on the punishment phase of the trial...and again, I do not say this to inflame any passions but just as well if Dzhokar is executed. This is one of those cases where democratic society must prove itself stronger than the perpetrator and his evil and do it in a convincing forthright fashion. To allow Tsarnaev to ossify in prison is to invite his inclusion on notional lists of hostage-takers demands or else inspire the little bastard to write self justifying letters and essays from prison. I'm under no illusions that execution will deter any future terrorist acts but at the very least we can put a very clear and high price on all such acts in the future.

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