Thursday, April 30, 2015

Senator Rand Paul and the Governor of Texas...

are both worried that some military exercises undertaken by the US Army presage a armed takeover of the Southwestern USA. I can save both these men some time and taxpayers money, someone ring em' both up and tell them that last night, President Obama appointed Me, Elias Nugator "Top Swank of West Megurb One" a entirely Constitutional New Deal Entity for the American Southwest. I promise a sane just and realistic administration of these long exploited lands, a theory of justice that focuses on the malign intersection of poverty and youth, a program of education that educates without recourse to standardized testing, an end to Oklahoma's exportation of frack-generated earthquakes & one person one vote easy registration thereof. I cannot promise any of you a Utopia not now at least and certainly not without a great deal of hard work and sacrifice. But what have you got to lose? At this point you are chained down with poverty, brutality, pollution and a squalid& corrupt political milieu. If The Southwest was a Private Company it'd be in court order receivership by now. "God Willing, We Will Prevail, In Peace and Freedom from Fear....And In True Health, Thru the Purity and Essence of Our Natural...Bodily...Fluids. God Bless You All!"

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