Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Well predictably...

Governor Baker has purged the MASSDOT Board and pocketed full complete and final control over the MBTA...all the while eructating comforting bromides about managerial improvements, cost savings....etc etc. In short he means to stick it to the ridership bigtime, higher fares, degraded service, more non union temps....and most importantly no additional appropriations. Keep in mind, to fix the MBTA Charlie Baker WILL increase fees and fares to a fare thee well, this is straight out of the Mitt Romney playbook as long as no TAXES are invoked verbally then NO TAX INCREASE was every used to pay off the MBTA's debts or purchase all the rolling stock and equipment needed then all is well in the Governor's books. No someone will pay but it will be the ridership and there is even a proposal in the 2015 commission report to raise property taxes in the heavy ridership communities to cover the MBTA's imbedded needs. Translation Grandma is to be taxed to cover off the neglect of the legislature and the Commonwealth. So in effect "targeted" tax increases will be used as a revenue solution, one that likely won't fix things but it will allow Charlie to run for reelection on a "I dint raise no taxes" pledge. Sad but at this point it's inevitable unless the ridership gets active....and that pretty much is our last forlorn hope at this point.

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