Monday, April 06, 2015

The Governor's Special Commission on the MBTA

has issued it's report and predictably the T's woes are all administrative in nature and rooted in "low productivity". There is also ominous mention of underpricing at MBTA parking garages and undervalued properties in general (TRANSLATION: Prices are about to go up!, Its gonna cost more to park in the same old crumbling ill maintained garage). Apparentally the debt structure of the MBTA (crafted by one Charlie Baker back when he was Bill Weld's Caporegime) is passed over in silence as well as the whole funding issue save some hints about fare increases. In short...YIPES! So now the cry will go up all over the State House "Reform Before Revenue", this is Mitt Romney's classic passive aggressive strategy that gives a comfy out to both the Legislature and the Executive Department, they can complain to their heart's content about their fave causes, do nothing righteously and go on as before not having done anything at all. Trust me this will be the ultimate outcome. And believe me it all works fine til the Red Line caves in or another eight feet of snow is dumped on Boston. I am absolving no one this issue, everyone's gonna have to give up something from the unions up to the management, the legislature and the order to fix the problem. But I am pretty much opining in vain here...our leaders are not to compel them to listen and to act, I cannot say. Perhaps events must take their course. Meanwhile I'm serious anyone hiring in Arlington???

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