Friday, April 24, 2015

Counter Intuitive Thought re. Hillary Clinton

The conventional wisdom out there is that once again Hillary Clinton is in scandal plagued country re. overseas contributions to the Family's Charitable Trust. My thinking is, nobody really gives a damn, its another fatally complicated financial issue of core interest to sweaty nerdy wingnut bloggers and AM Ranters....and to my money Hillary is just lucky that way. I'll be blunt, I give a rat's ass about that incredulous ominous tone the columnistas and NBC News affect when talking about "Clinton's Latest Scandal", if there was a controversy out there that could end her campaign out there, it'd a hit by now...the woman is a magnet for investigation after all, none of which seems to stick. I also think it was shrewd to fly off to NH and start moving left in general on financial issues, there are votes to be had by "staying populist" on the banks etc. Her GOP rivals on the other hand are welcome to continue raving about women's hemlines, voter fraud and Benghazi, all that shit does nothing but drive voters to Hillary (or any other sensible democrat)as the only sane sounding person sticking up for the little guy in the race. Morever, she is a divider in a useful sense of the term, husbands rave against her, wives say nothing and vote for her, in droves. It is a weee bit Nixonian...but lets face it, Nixonian tactics work.

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