Wednesday, April 01, 2015

"Indiana Wants Me"

But I want nothing of Indiana, not in the wake of that cockamammie religious freedom act which is naught but deliciously vaguely worded fagbashing written into Law. I loved the official photo, all these religious figures, nuns, preachers and rabbis all grinning like teachables sooo happy that soon the force of law will be on the side of their prejudices. Now of course a scant few days later, Indiana's hapless governor Mike Pence is frantically backpedalling on the allegedly "intolerant aspects" of the law insisting said statute is not a license to discriminate. Well since IT IS a license to discriminate one is at a loss to discover how said law can fixed saved by repeal. Ah but movement conservatives are a sad pathetic passive aggressive lot the poor dears need laws like this to buttress up their nasty bigotries and grant the same special rights and privileges. Alas I strongly doubt this hated law will be repealed (modification is simply impossible, how can you modify a law to prohibit what the original statute authorized? Abe Lincoln would guffaw at the notion), but Mike Pence will make all sorts of noises in the hopes that something will take the whole horror show off the front pages. So that being the case, health to the boycott, remember no less a Sage that Ronald Reagan said people should Vote With Their Money.

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