Wednesday, April 08, 2015

I got something I wanna get offa my chest...

Bear with me, likely I won't be too eloquent. The MBTA Commission Report (currently being leaked in dribs and drabs to the Boston Globe) reads like a public sector spine chiller from the Pioneer Institute. It's broadest parameters though (regardless of the very real managerial and workforce shortcomings of the MBTA) are simple and stark, the report is designed to pave the way for a decline in service at a higher price to the ridership. So far, the only revenue enhancement the report even addresses per all these leaks is price point, that mean you, me all of the straphangers out there will have to PAY MORE to sit stalled in the tunnels while the T's Jurassic switching system is conned into temporary functionality. That is what Charlie Baker (and our entirely silent representative's in the Great & General Court) has in store for us, "reform" that we ourselves are expected to underwrite. The hour has long passed for a "come to Jesus moment" and if the usual cuts and reforms ARE ALL the Admin has on offer then the only way remaining to force real change is for the ridership to enter into a short term alliance with the MBTA itself. We'd have to be clear eyed about it, no alliance can come about without some real changes within the MBTA's bureaucracy...but this is also likely the only way forward that doesn't not penalize the ridership for problems it has not created. Will it Happen? Likely it will not. But it's worth thinking about.

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