Thursday, April 23, 2015

What is worse?

A Tax Increase or a Fare Increase? In my case, as a daily MBTA rider the answer is simple, its the fare increase that is worse IF it is married to a degradation in service levels or the revenues are used to pay off debts that don't relate to MBTA operations. Because even as I write this, Governor Baker has filed legislation that takes the cap off MBTA fares and with a transportation board entirely appointed by himself that means if the law passes Baker can jack up fares sans recourse...Baad Karma mah frenz. But of course the measure has to pass, and that will hopefully occasion some debate on Beacon Hill. Lets keep a few things in mind as the process unfolds, we are hamstrung in this matter by two complimentary factors, governmental indifference and tacit hostility is pretty much what put the MBTA in this fix and those two items are also the very things with all the momentum as the debate goes on. We have to change that or else we'll be paying five bucks each way every day for the privilege of sitting stalled in a tunnel between Davis Square and Hell.

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