Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Consider the case of Senator Marco Rubio

a mere two years ago, he was the GOP's "Hero in Waiting", a whole outreach program to Latino voters of himself and a Senator supposedly sodden with charisma and brains. Senator Rubio's sheer "centrality"made him an enviable politician and so it was natural for President Obama to reach out to him seeking a negotiating partner in the US as illegal immigration legislation was under discussion. And then... Rubio walked away from the table, partly in fear of the madness-maddened reaches of the GOP Base mostly though out of the base motivation of Presidential Ambition. Left with no negotiating partner Obama was compelled to try and move the ball forward via Presidential Directive which of course induced the usual cynical wingnut seizures cries of "dictatorship" etc. In short, Rubio could have been a hero here, taken immigration off the table and been a stand up guy....instead he decided to Run for President. Now look at him, he is spinning plates with the rest of the cheap acts while Donald Trump storms up and down the country armed with the very issue Marco Rubio handed to him. A lot of words come to mind about Marco Rubio right now, but the foremost one is "CHUMP!" Frankly if I was him, I'd bail and hope for a Hail Mary Pass on the Vice Presidency at this point his integrity and brains are so thoroughly compromised it's about the best Rubio can do given the circumstances. He has no one to blame but himself, Marco Rubio handed Trump that sword and practically held the bridle for the billionaire. CHUMP!

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