Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Frankie Da Pope....

has come out banging the pots for The President's Nuclear Non Proliferation Agreement with Iran. Which is darn nice of him I suppose on the eve of a Big State Visit to the USA and all... *** Buuuuu-ut....the GOP Presidential Debate is a'goin' down tonight, now the Big Meme at the moment is someone up on that stage has to try to land a haymaker on Donald Trump or risk have him run amok unobstructed in the upcoming primaries. A lot of people (big money donors among them) are fairly desperate for Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and or Carly Fiorina (sp) et al to get their damage on regarding The Donald. Me....I have more modest dreams. I'd luuuuuv it if the mods would ask Jeb (professional catholic and a convert) what he thinks of the Pope's unabashed endorsement of the nuclear agreement with Iran? I mean forget the American Bishop's dogging Jeb about the Death Penalty they way they haunted Kerry about abortion in 2004...I just wanna see Bush try and frame an answer that at the least doesn't have recourse to reaffirming the separation of church and state. So that might be worth watching for, in order to stay Wingnut on Iran Jeb might be compelled to a Constitutional Principle Anathema to the GOP's Base.... Oh well A feller can dream can't he?

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