Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Because at the end of the day I'm cynical about the US Congress

Most especially the US House I firmly believe that particular institution's malevolent paralysis will grown progressively worse as long as The Majority depends on a network of undemocratic rotten boroughs down in Dixie. Until someone tracks back to that corrupt set of circumstances we the people will be largely bystanders in a seemingly endless cycle of gridlock-shutdown-short term solution. Changing The Speaker (and from all accounts Rep McCarthy the current frontrunner sounds like a belligerent shit in every way) will not solve or even address the problem, which is to put it simply that the US House of Representatives doesn't truly Represent the Electorate, these congressmen have been self selecting their constituencies so relentlessly & corruptly that they've sidelined whole majorities of voters.... This can't be sustained over the intermediate term but that in no sense means it will end well for any of us.

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