Thursday, September 03, 2015

Denali Denial....

President Obama renamed "Mount McKinley" in Alaska changing back to it's Amerind original "Mount Denali" so predictably every soup slurping GOP Jobber in Ohio is indignant. Denali was originally named for Mark Hanna's portly vapid sock puppet of a US President William B. McKinley who gave us the Spanish American War (and even in that he had to be pushed into it by Henry Cabot Lodge, Teddy Roosevelt and William Randolph Hearst) and little else of consequence. McKinley had a ill fortune to be assassinated in 1901, and the outpouring of grief washed up in Alaska where the Fed's named a mountain after him. Not for nothing but I am sure Ohio (McKinley's home state, eight US President's all of them jobbers and or corruptards) is dotted with Middle & Elementary Schools named for the Late President....Does he really rate a Mountain in Alaska after all these years? I mean Ohio is well within it's rights to memorialize McKinley any way it chooses....but Alaska has to rights within it's own borders as well. Frankly if the Feds wanted to be entirely honest in this transaction they should have named the mountain for Mark Hanna back in 1901...cut out The Middleman.

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