Friday, September 18, 2015

Interesting rumor from an unreliable source in NH

to the effect that someone is allegedly conducting a phone poll to see how well Mitt Romney stacks up against Donald Trump. Details are murky and this whole thing may be a crock...but I doubt anyone would be interested in that data say either Mitt Romney (whose messiah complex borders the pathological) or else someone in the GOP eager to tempt Romney in the 2016 Presidential race with a favorable poll thus to play "Christy Mihos" in this election cycle. Call me cynical but I just don't see Mitt Romney as the Answer to the GOP's prayers...its just that the Leadership is in deep denial about Donald Trump and his particular appeal to the republican base. Until then, should Romney run in full savior mode he'll fall afoul of the same political dynamics, namely a base that is addicted to paranoid narratives and fantasies of belligerent revenge....narratives and fantasies they've been force fed for over a decade now. They will never switch to trimmer like Romney which would be like paying for Earl Grey tea when they can get free black tar heroin.... But this is Willard we are talking about he could screw up a two car funeral and like will ere long.

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