Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Globe is trying to gin up a fight

between Donald Trump and Mitt Romney...the former Governor is of course as usual cast as the Moderate Man of Destiny on Horseback sent from Heaven Above to save us all from the predations of a TV Pitchman. There is a sad predictability to who the Globe thinks can save the GOP from it's own clearest unfiltered reactionary tendencies...the cure is Mitt Romney every time. Seriously does Mitt have pictures of some unnatural act...? I don't get it. I just don't... I mean Mitt can't take the slightest pressure from the right he demonstrated as much in 2008 & 2012...the equivocating staggering candidate who dreamt up "self deportation" is supposed to take down Donald Trump? Ridiculous. I think Trump makes the overclass nervous especially since so far his main competition have proven themselves little more than the walking whining dead. Look Romney's high command is scattered among six different candidates, Mitt is a two time loser as well and lets face it, Romney could screw up a two car funeral. If Donald Trump reads the Boston Globe (And I doubt he does) I'm sure he is laughing at the prospect, Mitt Romney is exactly the sort of whiny passive aggressive jobber he has been smacking around like a jobber for the past six weeks. The Globe and the GOP is gonna have to find another hero...good luck with that one.

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